Crocodiles Attack by American Boy

Crocodile Attack are human is a conman in different places it is estimated each year thousands of attacks in different places in america Africa and 100 of different places in the world but media deas't report every attacks.


An american boy took a risk when he went to very dangerous lake with his friends
when the boat reached center of the lake then american boy jumped in the lake  because he want to give eat to crocodile he invite crocodile for eat but this was his big mistake his friends triad to stop but he did not hear then he saw the two crocodile then he met him and give him meet deed of two crocodile all the buy are enjoying  his friends and crocodile and shocked  because this lake was very dangerous.

watch now  complete vedio and enjoy it!

Brave Man Challanging Crocodiles


Foolish Man VS Crocodile

OMG!!! Most Brave Man V/S Anaconda


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